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Years ago, when erecting an estate fence, one which exuded eloquence and prestige, the product of choice was most certainly wrought iron. Unsurpassed strength and beauty, it was class personified. Today, we can achieve the same look, but leave the inevitable rust behind. Using maintenance free, powder coated aluminum, ornamental aluminum fences are a wonderful alternative. Constructed from the finest aluminum alloys, and protected with a weather resistant powder coating, your ornamental aluminum fence should last a lifetime.

We, at Iroquois Fence, have settled on two remarkable ornamental aluminum products. Both share similar manufacturing specifications, both are American made, and both are made for multiple applications. The first one is called Nobility and the second one is called Specrail. The Nobility line of ornamental aluminum is geared towards the most common residential applications. They have streamlined their production in order to offer a great product at a reduced cost. The Specrail line of ornamental aluminum has many more options when it comes to styles, grades and colors. Carrying a slightly higher price tag, their versatility is second to none. Depending on your own application, we will help you decide which brand is best suited to your needs.

Installing an ornamental aluminum fence is a great way to enhance your yard. We have numerous options available to complete your project. Achieving utopia, in your backyard green space, is a dream shared by many homeowners. We would love to help make this your reality. Please contact us today, and begin your transformational quest.

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